Buyback Option

The Buyback is often a more reasonable alternative to rental or hire when looking at long-term use. When looking at renting a vehicle for periods in excess of 60 days one can consider a guaranteed buyback option.

Key points regarding guaranteed buybacks:

  • Diesel Car Hire offers to sell the vehicle to the buyer and offers a guaranteed buyback price at the date of sale.
  • The Guaranteed Buyback price is subject to the condition of the vehicle on return and has kilometer limitations, which are agreed on at the time of sale.
  • It does require a larger outlay of cash and financing the vehicle purchase is not an option due to the relative short duration involved.
  • Although the vehicle will be sold in good running order, once the vehicle is bought from Diesel Car Hire we carry no responsibility for mechanical reliability, maintenance or problems due to fair wear and tear. Certain vehicles are still under manufacturers warranty and the warranty will be transferred to the buyer where applicable.
  • Insurance on the vehicle is the responsibility of the buyer, although Diesel Car hire can assist in arranging the insurance cover at good rates. All conditions regarding vehicle repatriation and general insurance conditions would be agreed between the insurance company and the buyer and will not involve Diesel Car hire.
  • Vehicle replacement due to mechanical problems is not included with the buyback option but only with rental where we are still the owner of the vehicle.

Vehicles available:

A number of vehicles are available and exact price and models are available on application. 3 basic vehicle groups are catered for;

  1. Well equipped 4x4 camper ranging from R140000.00 to R250000.00
  2. Economy car ranging from R20000.00 to R80000.00
  3. Full spec new model passenger car ranging from R80000.00 to R200000.00

Please contact us on for further details.